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shop refurbishment Tandragee

Shop Refurbishment Tandragee

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Does your existing structure no longer meet the needs of your business? Are you planning to open a shop in a new location but find the building is in need of extensive repairs? If so, let us connect you with contractors who are experienced at Tandragee shop refurbishment. Contractors just need a few pieces of information in order to get started, and you can easily provide this information in the space below.

Types of Tandragee Shop Refurbishment

Shop refurbishment can involve completely renovating a building or just making slight modifications to it. Some of the renovations that can easily be accomplished by the contractors in our network include:

  • Tearing out walls in order to open up more space
  • Repairing structural defects in ceilings, floors and walls
  • Redesigning the entryway, hallways or restrooms to make them handicapped-accessible
  • Upgrading wiring or plumbing to accommodate new equipment or to meet the latest building codes
  • Creating space that is more user-friendly for employees such as cubicles or offices
  • Giving rooms a facelift by adding new paint, wallpaper or carpeting
  • Making additions to an existing building or adding an additional story

Environmentally Friendly Tandragee Shop Refurbishment

A great deal of debris can be left behind when shop refurbishment is completed. The contractors in our network will haul off this debris and dispose of it so you will not be bothered by having to do so. Whenever possible, they will recycle or re-purpose materials in order to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into our landfills. These contractors will also make sure that any hazardous materials such as asbestos are properly disposed of so they will not affect soil or ground water supplies.

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Things to Ask a Contractor

When hiring a contractor to perform shop refurbishment Tandragee, you will need to know what type of renovations this company has completed in the past. It can also be good to know what type of timeline you are looking at so you can plan your business operations accordingly. The type of structure being renovated can play a part in choosing a contractor because you may need someone who specialises in concrete masonry or brickwork. You should also know if the company has insurance that will cover property damage or injury to workers who are hurt while performing shop refurbishment.

Reasons to Hire a Professional

While it may be tempting to consider doing shop refurbishment Tandragee yourself, there are plenty of reasons why hiring a professional contractor might be better. The work involved could be too complex for someone who does not have extensive construction experience to do. It may also be dangerous at times, particularly if the structure being renovated is in poor repair. Refurbishment is time consuming and can take away from the time you spend doing marketing for your company. Since you may not be able to work on a refurbishment project continuously, a DIY approach could take much longer to complete, therefore causing greater disruptions to your day-to-day operations.

Tandragee Shop Refurbishment Costs

When it comes to shop refurbishment, Tandragee business owners will all pay different amounts for this service. The extent of the renovation and size of the building are two factors that affect the total estimate the most. If hazardous materials must be removed, this can increase the bottom line as well. Using some existing fixtures can help reduce the cost of shop refurbishment substantially.

Although shop refurbishment Tandragee can be a major undertaking, it can nonetheless help breathe new life into your business. A newly renovated building is more likely to attract new customers than a dated one, which means the money spent could be a worthy investment in the long haul.

Your Tandragee shop refurbishment questions answered

Can production continue while refurbishment is ongoing?

Usually, unless you are planning an extensive refurbishment that would require the removal of certain fixtures and equipment.

How can I ensure the safety of my employees during the refurbishment process?

Try to confine contractors to a specific area if possible so that employees will have little contact with them. You should also talk to your workers so that they are aware of the dangers of construction as well.

Are there any advantages to refurbishing my shop?

Shop refurbishment is advantageous on a number of levels. It can help to increase the efficiency and improve the look if your existing shops while costing significantly less than building a new shop.

Are there any disadvantages I should consider before refurbishing my shop?

The only disadvantage to refurbishment is the fact that you may not be able to service customers while the project is underway. This will, of course, depend on the amount of refurbishment that needs to be completed.

I’ve recently changed the focus of my Tandragee business-do I need shop refurbishment?

If your business model has recently changed, there is a good chance your shop no longer meets your needs. Speak with an experienced contractor from our Tandragee network to find out what shop refurbishments might be useful.

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