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Land Clearance Tandragee

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If you're planning a building project in the near future, chances are you may also need land clearance Tandragee services. Whether you simply need to take down a few trees or require an existing structure to be torn down, we have specialists in our network who can help. Clearing the land properly is important if your project is to be done right, which is why you should rely on a trusted professional to undertake this task for you.

Before performing any Tandragee land clearing, a site assessment should be made in order to determine the best way to go about this. This is especially important when clearing land that is very close to other structures, because damage to them could occur. A site assessment should also include determining where utility lines and drainage ditches might need to be placed once the land is cleared. Building permits are normally needed before any type of new construction can begin.

Tandragee land clearance costs

Tandragee Land Clearance Costs

Typical Tandragee land clearing costs will largely depend on the size of lot being prepared. Clearing small city lots will cost less than it would if clearing several acres of undeveloped land. If grading needs to be done in order to make the land level for building, this will increase the overall bottom line. In some cases, you may need to add the cost of building roads, parking lots or driveways into your budget as well.

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Get as many as four free quotes on Tandragee land clearance services direct from the reliable contractors in our network. All of them are experienced in clearing land, and have been pre-screened for reliability ahead of time. Simply fill out the form you see above with some details about your project, and then sit back and wait on contractors to call you with no-obligation quotes. You'll save time and money, so don't delay.

Your Tandragee land clearance questions answered

Can wooded area be cleared?

Yes, any type of vegetation can be cleared from any size plot of land, provided the trees aren't protected.

How is land clearing billed?

Land clearance is usually billed by the hour, and includes the cost of labour and machinery. Some large lots may be charged by the acre or a lump sum may be negotiated.

How long will it take to clear my plot?

It can take a few hours or even a few days, depending on how much vegetation and rubbish needs to be removed.

Will I be billed per load of rubbish that is removed?

In most cases, yes. However, some companies may charge per hour for their services. Always inquire beforehand to confirm.

Will I need permission before clearing my land for my Tandragee building project?

In most cases, yes. Please consult with your local zoning board as well as any environmental agencies in your area to determine what if any permits may be required. Fines may result if you fail to do so.

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