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Tired of living with a drab kitchen that barely suits your needs? Want an affordable way of refurbishing the kitchen and replacing appliances? Kitchens Tandragee may be your best option. No matter what your budget, there is a range of unique styles and designs for you to choose from. Whether you want chic or rustic, cosy or cool, we can help you find that ideal fitted kitchen.

Fitted vs. Bespoke Kitchens

Fitted kitchens Tandragee are typically a range of set designs and finishings adjusted to suit the exact layout of your kitchen. The colours and materials are often preselected for maximum aesthetic and practical appeal. Fitted kitchens may include some appliances. Bespoke kitchens are fully customised to suit your aesthetic and functional requirements. These may also include appliances. Of the two, fitted kitchens tend to be the easier, cheaper option.

Practicality and Good Looks

Fitted kitchens come in a variety of styles and designs with a range of finishes for you to choose from. Always take into consideration that your fitted kitchen shouldn't only look good but should also accommodate your appliances and suit your lifestyle. If you have young children or regularly host lavish dinner parties, your choice of a fitted kitchen may differ. Also consider the types of appliances you require before allowing Tandragee kitchen fitters to refurbish this important part of your home.

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Maximising Kitchen Space

One of the greatest benefits of consulting the Tandragee kitchen professionals is that you're guaranteed specialised design assistance. No matter how big or small your existing kitchen space, a fitted kitchen should maximise this living area, making sure that all available space is optimally put to use. Tired of living with cramped cupboards and wasted space around badly fitted appliances? A fitted kitchen may just be the ideal solution.

Typical Services

The following are usually included in the installation of a new fitted kitchen.

  • Removal and disposal of old kitchen fittings
  • Removal and disposal of unwanted appliances
  • Flooring including tiling, laminating and other selected materials
  • Installation of kitchen suite including cupboards and sideboards
  • Installation of new appliances
  • Adjustments to electric and plumbing systems if required

New appliances are not prerequisite. However, they are often recommended to ensure a perfect fit. Disposal of old fittings and appliances is not always included in the deal so be sure to ask your contractors about this prior to signing any paperwork. Adjustments to plumbing and electrics may require additional personnel such as qualified electricians and plumbers.

Tandragee Fitted Kitchen Costs

The cost of fitted kitchens varies greatly according to a number of factors. These factors include the size of the kitchen, the materials used for tiling, surfacing and finishing, the number and type of appliances included in the kitchen make over, as well as extras, such as new electrics and plumbing systems. The more specialised the new kitchen fitting, the more expensive it is likely to be, which is why we're here to shop around for you, finding you the best services at the lowest prices.

The kitchen is the heart of the home whether you live alone or have a large family. Our free service provides an affordable means of maximising your kitchen space with a design that suits your aesthetic and practical needs. Want a fitted kitchen but not sure how to find one? We can help. With our access to a network of kitchen specialists we guarantee to find you great service at a price to suit your budget. Get a free no obligation quote from us today and that dream kitchen could be yours.

Your Tandragee kitchen questions answered

Why upgrade my kitchen?

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. If your cabinets are falling apart, your worktops are stained and damaged, and your appliances starting to make strange sounds, it is time to get a new kitchen.

How to choose a kitchen?

Think about what you will be using it for. If you plan to sell your house in the near future, you will want a kitchen that can increase the value of your property. If you will be staying for many years, you want a kitchen you can be proud of.

What is the most important part of a kitchen upgrade?

The cabinets, as they are the one thing that is likely to remain in a kitchen for several years after a remodelling project is finished.

What are some ideal upgrades for a smaller kitchen?

You could knock out a wall to create more space or add floor-to-ceiling cabinets for additional storage.

How long does it normally take for custom cabinets?

That will depend on the style of cabinets you choose. Custom cabinets with a basic design can often be created in about two weeks, while more detailed ones could take up to four weeks.

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