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The entrance to your home or business is the first impression for everyone and the glass doors Tandragee companies in our database can provide the right door for any residential or commercial structure. They can handle a variety of Tandragee glass door installation projects including exterior and interior doors, new construction, renovations and store fronts. In addition, the installers are certified and insured for the protection of the customers.

The Tandragee glass door fitters in our database can handle repairs as well as new installations and there are a wide range of types of glass available. Customers can select energy efficient glass and tempered glass and the companies can arrange emergency storefront board-up services until a new installation is ready. Customers can also choose from a host of ornamental or decorative glass doors as well as customised doors. The door products installed by the professionals in our network are of the highest quality and come with a guarantee.

Tandragee glass door costs

Tandragee Glass Door Costs

Average glass door prices can vary based on a number of variables such as the size and number of doors. Customised doors tend to cost more than those that are standard and already in stock. The thickness of the glass will make a difference in the price of glass doors as well. Doors with decorative or etched glass tend to cost more and some coloured glasses may also involve an increase in cost. The complexity of the installation will affect the cost as will an emergency installation call.

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A beautiful glass door can be yours whether for the front door of your home or the entrance to your place of business. Simply complete the convenient form above to receive up to 4 competitive quotes from the skilled professionals in our database. The quotes come free of charge and with no obligation.

Your Tandragee glass door questions answered

How should I clean my glass doors?

The best solution would be to use a mixture of white vinegar and water on a clean lint-free cloth. If the vinegar mixture isn't available, use an ammonia free cleaning solution like Windex.

I have condensation between the panes of my sliding glass door, what can I do?

Condensation in a multiple paned door means that the seal has broken down somewhere and is allowing moisture to enter. You can replace the entire door unit, or you can have a professional install a small vent to remove the moisture.

What can I do to protect my glass doors from storm damage?

If you live in an area that is prone to storm damage, it may be wise to replace your existing sliding glass doors with impact resistant laminate glass. Storm shutters or plywood can also prevent damage during the storm itself and can be easily removed afterward.

Are glass doors going to make my home a likely target for burglars?

The same laminate glass doors that can protect your home from storm damage can also be used to discourage burglars from using the glass doors to enter your home. The glass, if struck, will splinter rather than shatter completely, making it harder to enter your home.

How can I prevent birds from flying into my Tandragee glass doors?

Avoid placing bird feeders directly in front of your window so as not to attract birds to it. You may also place tape strips on the outside of your windows to help birds identify it as a solid surface.

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