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Do you need help laying foundations for your new house or home extensions? Worried about the structural integrity of your commercial property? Foundations Tandragee are an essential part of any building and need to be handled professionally. Need the help of foundation specialists before committing to renovations? We can help by finding you the best foundation professionals at a price to suit your budget.

What are Foundations?

Foundations are the lowest supporting structure of any building. Foundations are divided into two groups: shallow and deep. Shallow foundations are embedded about a metre into the soil and transfer the weight of the building onto bedrock. Deep foundations are embedded further underground due to poor soil conditions or to handle excessive weight. Generally, deep foundations are considered more stable.

Who Builds Foundations?

Engineers and builders usually handle the construction of Tandragee foundations. Prior to the start of construction, a survey of the proposed site will be conducted and the ground assessed. The engineer will then work with you and the architect to draft a building design with adequate foundations. The type of foundation will depend on the size and weight of the building as well as the quality of the earth on site.

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Types of Foundations

Regardless of whether your construction project requires shallow or deep foundations, certain materials are better suited for use in foundations than others. These materials include:

  • Concrete - commonly used in slabs for even weight distribution spread across bedrock or compacted soil. Reinforced and pre-tensioned concrete can also be used for piles in deep foundations.
  • Rubble - loose stone or rubble is used for rubble trench foundations instead of concrete to increase the amount of drainage. The use of rubble is also considered more environmentally friendly.
  • Earth - woven bags filled with sand or other soil-like products are often used instead of concrete to help spread the weight of the building. This is the most eco-friendly option but may not be suitable for all buildings.
  • Steel - steel piles are sometimes used for deep foundations Tandragee offering additional rigidity to the structure.
  • Synthetic foams - various synthetic foams are used in the form of pads instead of or with concrete slabs providing some insulation and easing weight distribution.
Tandragee foundation costs

Types of Buildings

Whether you're adding on a new showroom to your retail property or building a conservatory at home, foundations Tandragee are essential to prevent structural problems in the building. Improper foundations can cause cracks in wall and lead to subsidence – both make the building precarious and extremely dangerous. From skyscrapers to cottages, no job is too big or too small for foundation professionals. Always consult the specialists before committing to construction.

Tandragee Foundation Costs

Laying foundations is essential. Few construction jobs can be carried out without laying proper foundations. Skimping on the foundations could end up costing you more in the long run when the walls start to crack and the building collapses. The cost of foundations depends on the type of foundation required, the materials used and the amount of labour involved, but rest assured that affordable solutions do exist for every construction project.

Want to make that dream home a reality? Time to extend your commercial property? Foundations Tandragee are a necessity and we can help. Take a minute to fill in our online form with a few details about your building project and we'll handle the rest. We guarantee to find you the best foundation services at the lowest prices. Get a free, no-obligation quote from us today for solid foundations that won't leave your dream home in ruin.

Your Tandragee foundation questions answered

What types of foundations are there?

The most commonly used foundations for homes and other buildings include concrete slabs, crawlspace foundations and basement foundations. Foundations are typically constructed with concrete.

Which foundation type is the best?

This depends on the requirements of the building owner as well as the location of the building. Basement foundations provide additional space, but would be unsuitable in areas that experience frequent flooding.

Is there anything I should consider before laying a foundation?

You may need to have a geographic assessment done of the area where you wish lay your foundation. This will determine if you need to lay a deep or shallow foundation, and if the area is safe for building.

Do I need to obtain planning permissions before laying a new foundation?

Since laying a foundation is normally a job done by a contractor, it will be up to him or her to obtain the appropriate planning permissions for the project. Check with your local planning office to find out what permissions are necessary.

What should I do if I am concerned about my Tandragee foundations settling?

Some settling is normal; however, if you are having difficulty opening and closing doors, this is a sign that too much settling has taken place. A foundation inspection from one of the Tandragee professionals in our extended network is then needed.

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