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Floor Screeding Tandragee

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Concerned about the structural integrity of your floor? Want the added rigidity of a screed layer? Floor screeding Tandragee provides an affordable solution to all your flooring needs. Need to call the professionals but concerned about the cost? We can help by finding you the best services at the lowest prices.

What is Screed?

Screed is a blended mixture of cement, sand and water. This mixture is laid over a solid floor either as the wear layer or as a sub-floor to provide a sturdy structure for the final flooring. Floor screeding, although simple in principle, requires expert application to ensure quality, finish and durability. Badly laid screed can result in a cracked and damaged layer, which can compromise the structural integrity of the whole floor.

Screed Types

There are a variety of screed mixtures and brands to choose from. Floor screeding Tandragee should be selected carefully based on what best suits your needs and lifestyle, as well as your budget.

  • Traditional - this standard mix of cement and sand is best used for creating a defined sub-layer before installing tiles, wood, or vinyl finishes. Traditional screeds are suitable for use in homes, hospitals, schools, and retail.
  • Free-flowing - anhydrite, free-flowing, self-levelling and self-compacting screeds provide reliable results and are easily installed. However, anhydrite screeds are not suitable for areas that may be exposed to moisture. This type of flooring cannot be used as a final wear layer.
  • Floor-levelling compounds - this type of Tandragee floor screed is used for levelling and as the final screed layer to increase tolerance beneath tile and wood flooring finishes. This type of screed is generally more expensive are used in warehouses and other areas that require a high level of surface regularity.
  • Fast drying - this type of screed is recommended for those on a strict schedule. These screeds dry within hours and the installation of the final floor finish can be done as early as three days after screeding.
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Floor screeding Tandragee must be done systematically to ensure quality results. DIY screeding is strongly not recommended as the improper installation of screed can compromise your entire floor. The installation process can take anywhere between a few hours up and a few days depending on the size of the floor. Installation time also depends on the type of screed being used. Drying times also vary according to the type of screed applied.

Tandragee floor screed costs


Damaged floor screeding can be repaired depending on the type of damage and the location of the damage. Extensive moisture damage may require a complete overhaul of the screed whereas isolated cracks may be more easily repaired by filling in the gaps. Bear in mind that screeding repair may not always be cost effective and that replacing the screed layer may be your best option in the long run.

Floor Screeding Costs

The cost of Tandragee floor screeding depends on a number of factors: the size of the floor, the type of screed used and the labour involved in the installation. Installing a screed layer is an investment and can prolong the lifespan of your floors especially in high traffic retail areas or in homes with large families and pets. The cost of laying down screed is minimal compared to the cost of regularly replacing floor boards.

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Your Tandragee floor screeding questions answered

What is involved in floor screeding?

Floor screeding involves adding a concrete-like mixture to the surface of a floor, and then "screeding" it until there is an even surface.

What is the biggest challenge involved?

Ensuring that the finished surface is level and blends well with the existing concrete.

How much does professional floor screeding cost?

Floor screeding, when done by a professional, can be an expensive job. Depending on the side of the area that requires screeding, it can cost between £800 and £1,300. This doesn't take into account any problems or repairs that may arise.

Can floor screeding be a do-it-yourself job?

Yes, but there is a great potential for problems, including cracking and settling, that may be prevented by simply hiring a professional. It will cost even more if you try to do it yourself and then have to call a professional to clean up the mess.

How long will it take floor screeding to dry?

That will depend on the type of screeding you choose. The time could be as little as six hours, or as many as 48.

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