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Concerned about the safety of your building during a fire? Want to reduce the risk of fatalities? Fire doors Tandragee are essential and could mean the difference between life and death for your family and employees. Need a fire door but not sure where to start? We can find you the best fire doors from the best professionals at the lowest prices. Why live in fear of fire when an affordable solution is available?

What are Fire Doors?

Fire doors are used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire or smoke in a building. Fire doors are not typically used in private homes although they can be, and are strongly recommended for commercial and industrial buildings. Fire doors also assist in providing safe egress during a building fire. These doors are made from a variety of fire resistant materials.

Fire Door Materials

Fire doors Tandragee need to be fire resistant. This is achieved using a variety of specific materials.

  • Fire resistant timber
  • Steel – providing internal rigidity and naturally resistant to heat
  • Gypsum – a sulfate mineral product frequently used as an endothermic fill in fire doors to absorb heat
  • Vermiculite board – a silicate mineral product that can withstand temperatures in excess of 1100 degrees Celsius
  • Glass – specially treated for fire and shock resistance
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How Fire Doors are Made

Tandragee fire doors are made according to very specific criteria. All fire doors, regardless of size or placement, must have an automatic closing device, ball bearing hinges and positive latching mechanism. These doors are designed to stay permanently closed or to close automatically when a fire alarm is activated. Fire doors also require edge sealants usually consisting of intumescent strips, neoprene strips and smoke-retardant gaskets. This construction prevents the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Door Rating

Fire doors are rated according to the time an individual door can withstand the heat and pressure of a fire measured according to a standard time-temperature curve. Doors can only be rated by an approved laboratory. These ratings are for 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 minute resistance. These time ratings imply how long occupants in the building have to safely exit before the fire doors succumb to heat and flame damage.


Tandragee fire doors should only be installed by professionals as the incorrect installation could be fatal, resulting in a fire door failure. The improper use of certain materials and glazes can also result in a lack of fire resistance and false sense of security. Fire doors require annual inspections to ensure maximum safety. If there is any damage to the door or surrounding joins and hinges, repairs should be done immediately by fire door specialists.

The Costs Involved

Fire doors are vital in ensuring the safety of occupants. A price cannot be put on the possibility of saving lives. Fire doors can cost as little as £40 per door but you should always consult the professionals as certain type of doors may be required for certain buildings. The cost depends on the size of the door, the materials used and the fire rating.

Want to ensure the safety of your family or employees? Fire doors can mean the difference between life and death. We can help you find the best fire doors at a price to suit your budget. Take a minute to fill in our online form with a few details about your fire safety needs and we'll handle the rest. Get a free, no-obligation quote from us today for fire doors you can trust.

Your Tandragee fire door questions answered

What are fire doors?

Fire doors are essentially those that have an enhanced fire rating so as to allow people more time to escape. These doors are normally made from steel, and have a hollow core to them as well.

Where should they be placed?

It is a good idea to place them on all main exits, although they can sometimes be required on interior passages and rooms as well.

How much does it cost to install fire doors?

Fire door installation can cost anywhere from £150 to £300 in most instances.

How long does installation normally take?

If the frame is in good condition, a fire door can be installed in 4-5 hours. If repairs to the frame are needed, it may take 1-2 days.

What should my Tandragee fire door inspection cover?

A fire door inspection should check for holes or cracks in the door that would affect its performance, in addition to making sure all hardware and self-closing devices are operating properly.

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