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energy performance certificates Tandragee

Energy Performance Certificates Tandragee

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Concerned about the energy efficiency of your home? As a landlord, do you need updated EPCs for your tenants? Energy Performance Certificates Tandragee are recommended for all homeowners and are legally required by all landlords. Need an EPC but not sure how to go about getting one? Concerned about how much the certificate is going to cost? We can help, putting you in touch with the best professionals at a price to suit your budget.
What is an EPC? Tandragee Energy Performance Certificates are an official statement of the current and potential energy saving aspects of any property, residential or commercial. The building's energy performance is measured by certified energy assessors and then rated in terms of energy consumption per square metre of floor space. Energy efficiency is calculated according to the cost of heating or cooling the building in question and the impact this energy use has on the environment based on carbon dioxide emissions.
Types of Energy Performance Certificates:

• Domestic - If you are about to sell your residential property, you may be required to produce an Energy Performance Certificate. Without this certificate, you may not be able to complete the exchange of contracts with new home owners.
• Landlords ' This certificate is obligatory for all landlords. A valid EPC must be available to all tenants. An EPC is required whenever a landlord lets to a new tenant.
• Commercial ' If you are about to sell or lease a commercial property, you will need a commercial EPC before any contracts can be signed.
• On Construction ' Also known as the 'As Built EPC', this is used to show how energy efficient a property currently under construction is going to be. These certificates are usually awarded to building plans.
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Tandragee energy performance certificate quotesThe Assessment: An Tandragee EPC assessment can take anywhere between 25 minutes to over an hour for domestic EPCs. Commercial Energy Performance Certificates Tandragee tends to take longer requiring several hours or days for a complete inspection. The size of the property, the building's age and the ease of access to the property may influence the duration of the inspection. Energy assessments shouldn't cause too much disruption to daily life. Bear in mind that both an internal and external inspection of the property is required including access to loft spaces and the boiler.
In order for Energy Performance Certificates to be granted, the assessor needs to do the following:

• Identify the construction of the walls
• Measure the roof insulation
• Confirm the number of double glazed windows
• Count the number of fireplaces
• Check the make and model of the boiler according to EU regulations
• Assess green energy devices such as solar panels or assess the potential for the installation of these devices
• Count the number of low energy light bulbs in use
• Inspect the heating system
• Inspect and categorise the type of material used for hot water pipe insulation
• Assess the amount of heat loss through the roof
• Check for excessive window areas in larger homes
• Inspect conservatories and extensions
• Count the number of heated habitable rooms

Upon completion, the assessment is uploaded to the database of the relevant governing body. Energy Performance Certificates Tandragee are valid for ten years and can be accessed at any time.
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Your Tandragee energy performance certificate questions answered
  • What are they? Energy performance certificates are a way of grading a homeowner's home from A to G based on their attempt to reduce their home's carbon footprint. They will be judged on their energy efficiency and how environmentally friendly their home is.
  • How do I receive EPCs? If you have purchased a home recently, the previous owner should have provided you with the home's current energy performance certificate. If you do not have one, you must see an approved domestic energy assessor and have him or her inspect the home and provide you with a certificate.
  • What are the benefits of receiving EPCs? Energy performance certificates, or EPCs, are a great tool if you're planning on selling your home within the next decade, because they give potential homebuyers a comprehensive view of how energy efficient your home actually is.
  • Does it cost anything? Having an EPC survey done and obtaining the certificates can cost between £60-£120, but the cost can vary greatly from company to company so in this case, it pays to shop around to get the best price.
  • Why should I voluntarily obtain an energy performance certificate? This certificate will let you know how efficient your Tandragee home is, and will also offer suggestions on how to improve it. It can therefore help you choose the improvements that will provide you with the most energy savings.
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